6018-01_editedAlbert is a proud Chinese-Canadian who’s highly motivated and enthusiastic in whatever he does, be it something creative or something technical. He’s caring, quirky, and he knows how to follow his heart.

Albert was born in Canada, and growing up, he always had his older brother Willy as a playmate and best friend. Admittedly, they could be a bit dorky!



Albert growing up with his older brother Willy

Albert growing up with his older brother Willy











Picture_6Albert moved to New England for college, where two exciting things happened: he became an electrical engineer developing cell phone technology, and he met Rich!




051_editedAlbert has a strong creative streak. On the side, he is an avid film/TV actor and filmmaker committed to telling meaningful stories that touch hearts and enrich lives.





IMG_0148Albert also loves playing with our adopted son Andrew, photography, singing with his acoustic guitar, working out, hiking and camping, and tennis.

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